Here’s What You’re Not Doing in a Fitting Room {that You Should!} to Ensure Proper Fit

Posted On Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
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Fitting Room Tips: Here's What You Should Be Doing to Ensure the Best Fit Fitting rooms are a necessary evil. The act of trying on clothes can feel so tedious, but I hate to break it to you, it’s absolutely necessary. No seriously, you need to try your clothes on before purchasing {unless you’re shopping online, of course}.

But more importantly, there are certain things you should do while in the fitting room to ensure you’re purchasing the best fit. These tips will not only help you get a better fit, but also cut down having to make returns.

Full disclosure: I’m one of those people who hate trying on clothes. It just feels never ending! But over the years I’ve gotten better at taking my time in fitting rooms and learning what to do {and even how to move!} to determine whether something is a proper fit.

Walk Around
Sigh, I purchased a really cute bodycon tank dress from Forever 21. It’s a conservative knee length, but unfortunately when I start walking, it rises quickly! Like, every four or five steps {not even exaggerating!}, I have to pull the dress down. In spite of loving the dress, it’s become a burden and will be returned this weekend. Learn from my mistake and walk around a bit in the fitting room. You can walk up and down the length of the room to get an idea of how it moves with you. The way something fits when you’re standing can be totally different once you start moving, so get to moving! This is the quickest way to determine if something is a yay or nay or if you need to go up a size {which I probably should have done with the bodycon!}.

Fitting Room Tips: Here's What You Should Be Doing to Ensure the Best Fit

Sit In It
Remember when super low-rise jeans were popular and your entire butt crack was hanging out once you sat down? Yeah, this is why you should do the “sit test.” If the room has a bench, ottoman or chair, take a seat for a second. Is the garment still comfortable or does it pull too much and expose more skin than you’re comfortable with? This is especially great for work wear, as you’ll most likely be sitting at a desk or in meetings, so you want to know how they fit when seated. The photo below is an outfit I wore during my first Today Show appearance. The short skirt exposed way too much thigh when I was seated. D’oh!

Fitting Room Tips: Here's What You Should Be Doing to Ensure the Best Fit Does it Fit with Your Everyday Life?
Different clothes and accessories have different purposes. A glam dress is for a special occasion, while a good pair of jeans is for everyday wear. Whatever you’re choosing, can you function in it? For example: if you found a pencil skirt that hugs your curves, but is the leg opening so tight you can’t even walk up steps?  Basically, are you free to move the way you’d normal move if you wore it in real life {getting on and off public transportation, reaching in the backseat to get the kids, etc.}.

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Take a Photo
A picture’s worth a thousand words and this is so true when it comes to clothing. While your eyes can be deceiving, a photo doesn’t lie and can give you a more accurate view of how a dress or pair of pants falls on your body and if the color looks great against your skin. And especially if you’re buying an outfit you’ll most likely be photographed in {birthday, vacation, party, etc.}, then you really want to know what it looks like through a lens. Take a few snaps from different angles for an accurate look at your intended garment before dropping any cash on it.

Fitting Room Tips: Here's What You Should Be Doing to Ensure the Best Fit These are just a few ways to navigate the fitting room and make the best choice for your closet. Also, trying on jeans can really feel like a burden, so check out this post: 5 Fitting Room Tips to Find the Best Jeans.

Do you dread fitting rooms? How do you make sure you’re getting the best fit before buying something? 

Fitting Room Tips: Here's What You Should Be Doing to Ensure the Best Fit

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10 thoughts on “Here’s What You’re Not Doing in a Fitting Room {that You Should!} to Ensure Proper Fit

  1. I lift my arms up and down when trying on clothes. Nothing worse than lifting your arm up one day and realizing your (not that attractive) bra is showing, or your stomach is now on display.

    I also don’t love trying on clothes but am a firm believer in doing so. Sizing ranges from brand to brand, style to style, and sometimes piece to piece. You never really know how it’s going to look on.


  2. I actually forget to do these steps most of the time. I generally only try something on if it isn’t loose material. I often forget to sit down.. I do jump around in them a bit while in the dressing room…especially for denim. That helps me find out whether my jeans will fall down too low. I do need to incorporate walking around the dressing room area to make sure it fits me right. Thanks

  3. Great tips! I like to sit in it, and look at it from the back including bending over. Just to make sure the fabric isn’t see through, and that it looks as good in the back as it does in the front!

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