Fall Fashion: 3 Style Staples You Can Thrift

Posted On Friday, September 6th, 2013
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Fall is unofficially here and in addition to revamping and organizing your closet for the season, it’s important to know a few key pieces that will serve you well this fall.
And instead of spending a ton of money, you can hit up your local thrift store. Every secondhand shop is different and the inventory is constantly changing, but the three wardrobe staples below can be purchased at any thrift shop and for women of any size.
It’s a bit ambitious for me to state they can be found anywhere, but seriously, whether you’re in a major city or a small town, you can find these essentials. And just because they’re basics, that doesn’t mean they have to look simple. It’s all in the way you style them.
I once had more than a dozen blazers in my closet and they were all thrifted. I’ve thrifted in different states and blazers are always in abundance.
Blazers are great for the office, but avoid the stuffy feel with one that’s a bit fitted {or at least nipped in at the waist}, wear it over a sheath dress and it’s an immediate way to add a chic factor to basic skinny jeans and a tee.
Of course you can go with the basic black or pinstripe, which every woman needs, but expand your scope and embrace blazers that are colorful and have fun prints. I bought the Rugby Ralph Lauren blazer above from the Salvation Army. The crest is a nice addition to my blazer collection.
Button Down Shirts
They’re crisp and clean and we all need a handful of button down shirts. You can’t go wrong with a white or chambray top. And don’t feel the need to solely stick to the women’s section. Look to the guy’s department, where you’ll probably find more colors and patterns.
Button downs can be tucked {perfect with a pencil skirt!} or worn with skinny jeans to balance out the fitted bottom.
Prints are on trend now, right? Well, some prints come and go but leopard print is always on point. Pieces like a belt or cardigan work whether you’re a size 2 or 20.
And while the print tends to confuse some people {how do I wear it!?}, leopard is actually a neutral. Pair it with a ton of solid colors in your wardrobe, ranging from pink, blue, purple or just keep it simple with all black. I like wearing leopard with pops of color. I paired my vintage leopard romper with pink flats and a purple bag.
These are just a few wardrobe staples you can find at any thrift shop. Other notables include a trench coat, little black dress, slim belts, etc.
What fall items are you thrift shopping for? Have you found any of the clothes above at the thrift store? What clothes and accessories do you always come across at secondhand shops?
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