Fab, Fit and Frugal: Healthy Eats at Your Local Target

Posted On Wednesday, July 24th, 2013
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I love Target. That’s not a surprise. From their clothes to being obsessed with their infamous dollar bins, I always walk out of the store with something amazing. And I’m really fortunate that my local Target has a grocery section. This has become my go-to spot when I need some last minute items for dinner or a light bite.
And though I tend to find myself in the ice cream aisle {I’m obsessed with Talenti’s sea salt caramel gelato!}, the store is stocked full of fresh, healthy eats.
People often say eating healthy strains the purse straps and it can depending on where you shop, but during a recent Target visit, I racked up on four bags worth of healthy and wallet friendly food.
The produce section had leafy greens on sale for $1.49 to $2.50 per bag. When it’s hot out, I crave a light salad, so I go through these bags pretty quickly.
I dipped in to the frozen foods to see what the fish selection looked like. Though fresh seafood is the preferred way to go, don’t overlook the frozen options. From wild caught salmon to cod to tilapia, the individually wrapped fish is convenient whether you’re cooking for yourself or a family.
frozen fish, individual frozen fish My final Target food haul included additional veggies, flavored water, Morning Star chickpea burgers, strawberries, packaged cilantro and onions to add flavor. Four bags were just over $40.
Target definitely has more to offer than just cheap chic threads and accessories.
Have you ever done your grocery shopping at Target? What other places do you shop at for healthy and affordable food?
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5 thoughts on “Fab, Fit and Frugal: Healthy Eats at Your Local Target

  1. Yes! My target sells food and I love getting some of my last minute items there, instead of going to the grocery store.

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