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Posted On Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
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As you guys know, I’m currently in the middle of a one year challenge, Thrifty Threads 365 where I can only buy secondhand clothing and accessories. This project has helped me maintain my sense of style all while saving a ton of cash. Next month is the six month mark and I’ll have a tally for you on exactly how much I’ve spent on clothing.

Of course I’m not the one who’s embarked on a quest to save cash. I was mentioned on a Fox 9 news segment along with a few other thrifty folks who are embarking on year long challenges. Maybe you’ve heard of some of these, maybe you haven’t. But if you’re looking to save some cash, these are great ways to save. And I know a year is a long time to go without spending, so I included a month long challenge as well.

The Great American Apparel Diet

Participants range from 18 to 73 years old and they’ve all sworn off new clothing for a year. Anyone’s able to join at any time and the blog offers tips and support for fellow “dieters.” This is a great option whether you want to give your wallet a rest or leave less of a carbon footprint. More info on The Great American Apparel Diet

Not Eating Out in New York

Dining out can be expensive. To curb on her culinary expenses, one blogger decided to forgo dining out for two years. Though her challenge is over, she still offers tips to cooking in and has amazing recipes to help you along the way. More info on Not Eating Out in New York

No-Buy Month

Started by The Frugalista, the month long challenge means no dining out, shopping, visits to the salon, manis, pedis, etc. You just pay your bills and that’s it. She was able to save $400 in one month by sticking to this challenge. More info on No-Buy Month

Some of the challenges are a bit extreme but who says you need to do it for a full year or even a month? Maybe you just want to commit to a few weeks to see how it goes. You can work your way up and I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ve saved.

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5 thoughts on “Extreme Savings Challenges

  1. idk if i would be able to do an entire year! but you always look great! I’m doing a 30×30 remix challenge now. Remix 30 items from your closet for 30 days & no shopping! Fun and saves money : )

  2. I love stuff like this. I’m doing the frugalista’s no buy month. So far so good! I eat out a lot for lunch and dinner so this is saving me a lot.

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