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Posted On Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
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You already know I love DSW. A great selection and amazing deals, what’s not to love? If you’re not a part of their Rewards Member program, you should be. I was able to cop a pair of Michael Kors heels (originally priced at $110) for $59.

Check out the quick video below of some of my DSW finds.

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7 thoughts on “DSW Haul

  1. I can’t watch the video from my phone, but I will say that I am apart of DSW’s rewards program. However, I only buy the shoes that have been marked down to 80% off (yellow sticker)! I bought 4 pairs of shoes for $40 last year, and very rarely pay anything above $50 for non-sale shoes because that’s when I use my coupons.

    Go, DSW!

  2. I love DSW!!! I’m also part of the DSW rewards program! I always get discounts and coupons. My closet is full of DSW shoes and I really can’t find a place to store them anymore. My husband doesn’t know about my stash, and I hope he never finds out!! I love my shoes and I love all the shoes in the clearance section at DSW. You get a designer shoe for half the price! Who wouldn’t love that?

  3. I am a DSW Premier Rewards Member. Love, love love DSW! Last night I went in with my ‘Triple Rewards Coupon’ and used it to purchase a pair of Adidas running shoes, a pair of Merrells and a pair of Nine West short western boots that were originally $120. (I got them for $20.98!) Woohoo!

    DSW is my absolute favorite shoe store and my favorite place to go and spend a couple hours. I love their handbags too! I’ve gotten quite a few bags there that I’ve received loads of complements on. One in particular, a friend of mine loved so much, I bought her one for a Christmas present. She still carries it to this day!

    DSW should love you for being such an enthusiastic customer and advertisement for them!

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