Is Your Closet a Reflection of Who You Are or Who You Want to Be?

Posted On Friday, February 2nd, 2018
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Woo hoo!!! The Try It, Wear It, Love It challenge has officially come to an end. The 31-day style challenge was all about helping people {self included!} try new things, have fun with their style and even learn something new about the process of getting dressed every day.

I’ll have a full recap to bring #TryWearLove to a close, but as of now, I wanted to touch on something that I see all to often. And something that I’ve even done in the past.

Is your closet a reflection of who you are or who you want to be? Or who you think you are?

Looking Fly on a Dime: Lulu's leather jacket

You know that phrase, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” This isn’t what I’m talking about here. Because I absolutely believe you should dress for success.

This post is specifically about having a closet that doesn’t reflect who you are. At all

How do I know about this? I found myself buying flashy, over the top pieces and never having anywhere to wear them. Admittedly I love bold colors and sequins and all that jazz. But if you looked at my closet, you’d think I was a party girl and in reality, I’m a homebody who only goes out when necessary.

Looking Fly on a Dime: dressing for who you are

I didn’t have a happy balance between the flare {sequins, funky prints} and the everyday pieces I absolutely love {skinny jeans, cute dress}. So how did I remedy that? A big part of it was/still is sticking to the 80/20 fashion ratio.

Is your closet a reflection of who you are or who you want to be? Click To Tweet

This current outfit is a perfect representation of me. It has my everyday style essentials {simple dress and leather jacket} but with the addition of the flare {gold booties and patterned tights}.

Forever 21 gold lace up booties


Does Your Closet Reflect Your True Personal Style? Click To Tweet

This look totally reflects who I am. Not who I want to be. Or who I think I am. This is me. And your clothes should also speak to the current you. Not who you were 5 or 10 years ago. But you. Right now.

Outfit details: 
Vintage dress: last worn here with over the knee boots
Leather jacket: Lulu’s {currently on sale!}
Tights: I’ve had for years and don’t remember the brand, but Hue typically has similar styles
Shoes: I’m absolutely obsessed with these Forever 21 booties. They fit true to size and are crazy comfortable. They also come in black and silver and are selling out fast!
Glasses: $7 find from Amazon

How to Dress for your style

Photos: Monika Fidler@monikafidler

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