Dime Find of the Week: Mighty Purse Portable Charger

Posted On Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
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What: Handbag Butler Mighty Purse
Why: I always find myself looking for an outlet to charge my dying iPhone, so I was elated to learn about the Mighty Purse. It’s the perfect combination of fashion and technology, as the clutch has an interior battery to charge your smartphone on the go. Genius!
I’ve been using a myCharge portable charger for more than a year now and I absolutely love it. However, the great thing about the Mighty Purse is the charger is built right into the clutch. Instead of having to remember to bring your charger with you, you simply bring your bag along! You can discreetly charge and store other essentials in the purse.
Made of genuine leather, the Mighty Purse comes in a ton of colors, including grey shimmer, gold shimmy, squeaky yellow, zebra and glossy black. When it’s time to charge the portable battery, just plug it into your computer or wall outlet.
Starting at $99, the Mighty Charge isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth the price tag if you’re traveling, a commuter or just hate the idea of seeing that red battery icon on your phone. When the bag is fully charged, it charges your phone two to four full cycles. So you can be out the entire day without ever having to search for an outlet.
Where: The Mighty Purse starts at $99 and includes clutches and crossbody bags. Find them at Handbag Butler. I see that quite a few of the colors are sold out, so check Amazon as well.
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