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Posted On Monday, August 5th, 2013
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What: Miamica travel accessories that keep you organized and in style.

Why: I’m a bit anal retentive and OCD. Anyone who knows me can attest to that. And I get anxious when everything isn’t in its proper place {don’t judge me!}. So I was beyond excited to learn about Miamica. The line of fun travel accessories has everything you need to stay organized while you’re on the go.From pill cases, passport covers, jewelry organizers, toiletry bags, shoe bags and more, Miamica has pretty much thought of everything.

My favorite item has to be the shoe bags. The exterior is sturdy and cute, but the best feature is what’s inside. The bag has a divider, so your shoes don’t rub against one another and scuff. Why didn’t I think of this?!

Miamica shoe bag, shoe bag with divider

The sucky thing about traveling is lugging your dirty clothes back home with you in the same bag as your clean clothes. Hotels provide basic laundry bags, but the Miamica bag is higher on the chic scale. The pouch unzips to reveal an expandable bag and no need to worry about losing the pouch it came in. Pouch and bag are attached.

laundry bag, miamica laundry bag

Just like everyone else, I have quite a few electronics and they all have separate adapters. I don’t put much thought in to how they’re stored and just get stuffed in the empty spaces in my bag. But Miamica’s Take Charge case keeps adapters tangle free and the compartments are adjustable to suite chargers of all sizes.

charger kit, keep your chargers organized

These items would have come in handy during my trip to New Orleans earlier this summer, but I’ll get some use out of them when I head to Philly for a few days.

Where to Buy: All items can be purchased at Miamica’s website. And of course everything is affordable {$10 for a shoe bag, $7.50 for a Dirty Laundry laundry bag, $10 for the charger case}.

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