Dime Find of the Week: Gifted Apparel Statement Tees

Posted On Monday, August 19th, 2013
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What: Gifted Apparel tank tops and t-shirts
Why: Everyone needs items like tanks and tees, but it’s easy to up the style factor of such staples with the right hues and prints. And that’s exactly what Gifted Apparel provides. From canary yellows and fire engine reds and cheeky statements, the shirts play well with practically anything in your closet.
Oh, and the brand just received a major stamp of approval when Beyonce wore their $25 “Name Brand” crop top.
How to Style: It doesn’t get any more casual than these Gifted Apparel shirts, but you can also have fun styling them:
  • Soak up the last few days of summer and rock one of the cropped tops with denim shorts a la Beyonce.
  • Boyfriend jeans have a super relaxed vibe, but add a bit of sex appeal to them with a fitted, bold tank and strappy sandals.
  • Pencil skirts can feel a little stuffy, but not when you pair one with a t-shirt. Tuck the shirt in, stack on some bangles and a platform heel for a chic meets casual vibe.
Even if you buy a larger shirt intended for the guys {like the above “Viva La Brooklyn” tee that Jay-Z just wore}, you can always chop the shirt up and make it more personalized and feminine. Check out my quick and easy tutorial on how to cut an oversized shirt if you need inspiration.
Where to Buy: Check Gifted Apparel out online. The shirts range from $20-$30.
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