“Designer” on a Dime – Alexander Wang

Posted On Thursday, January 14th, 2010
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This Alexander Wang Corset Dress is certainly swoon-worthy and celebs like Rihanna and Paris Hilton seem to love it. If you can’t afford the $795 price tag, Asos’ Contrast Cup Mesh Dress is only $76! Hmm, I think I’ll go with the cheaper (identical!) version.

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0 thoughts on ““Designer” on a Dime – Alexander Wang

  1. Actually there are several differences.
    The black cups on Wang’s creation are cut off at the side, ASOS’s version is not, the black accents on Wang’s is made of fine velvet while the ASOS accents their dress with a Satin. The Alexander Wang dress has boning inthe corset giving the wearer a tighter looking shape, while ASOS does not include boning. The zipper on the Wang dress is a concealed side zipper while ASOS’s version has an exposed back zipper. The only other noticable difference is the straps on the ASOS version. Of course the Alexander Wang dress is made from higher end materials.
    Just thought I’d highlight some of the differences so people know what they’re getting 🙂
    I just ordered the ASOS version and my order came to nearly $90 CAD including express shipping! :3
    Happy shopping!

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