Decor on a Dime: 10 Ways to Decorate with Washi Tape

Posted On Monday, July 21st, 2014
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I’m not the biggest DIYers and here’s why: the projects tend to have a million steps and require tools I’ve never even heard of. But that’s why I’m obsessed with washi tape. It’s the decorative tape that makes jazzing up practically anything in your home as easy as 1-2-3 and you can find rolls for just a few bucks at any craft shop, dollar store, etc.
Check out 10 ways to decorate with washi tape. Seriously, this is a great option for decor on a dime.
Mirror Frame
My first washi tape experience was when I added a few strips of printed tape to the frame of my floor length mirror. It literally took me just a few minutes. It was a great way to give a $10 mirror some serious character.
Washi Tape Fridge
I read the Ever Girl pretty much every day and I’m particularly obsessed with the home tours. One recent tour of a New England home featured this fridge that has luxe strips of gold washi tape.
Washi Tape Picture Frame
Picture frames can be expensive or…you can just create faux frames using washi tape. Go with simple square or rectangular shapes or add in some layers, hexagons, etc.
Decorative Notebook
I’m kinda obsessed with stationary {I can never resist buying at least two or three notebooks from TJ Maxx!}, but sometimes you want to jazz them up a bit. Even the most basis composition book can look like an expensive purchase with a few layers of tape.
Washi Tape Furniture
Depending on how large your piece of furniture is, this DIY can be a bit tedious. This would work really well for a smaller end table or you can do it on a larger piece but not cover the entire area, just corners.
Washi Tape Coasters
Buy cheap coasters from the dollar store or just upgrade your old ones!
Home Decor on a Dime: washi tape magnets Another simple project that keeps your photos or memos hanging in style is the washi tape magnet.
Children’s Room
Get the kids involved and have fun creating a wall mural, race track on the floor or whatever your imagination can think up!
Makeup Brushes
This won’t even take minutes, but literally just seconds for each makeup brush.
I rarely spend more than $10 for sunglasses and if you also love a cheap chic pair of sunnies, washi tape can elevate the look. Decorate the handles with your favorite color or print. You can even keep the same pair of sunglasses season after season and just chance the tape.
The options for what you can do with washi tape is pretty endless. Check out this Pinterest board for washi tape ideas. And be sure to follow me on Pinterest where I share easy DIY projects.
Do you decorate with washi tape? What’s been your favorite project so far? Which one of the DIY ideas above would you give a try?
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