Cubicle Chic: 3 Go-To Styles for Busy Mornings

Posted On Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
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Cubicle Chic: What to Wear When You're Running Late

Some mornings are harder than others. Your alarm didn’t go off or you hit snooze too many times. You have to get up extra early for a meeting. It’s Monday. You know those mornings; when the last thing you want to do is search through your closet for something cute to wear to work.

Luckily your style doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re pressed for time. All you need are go-to threads that will have you polished, professional and out the door in no time.

Check out three quick, go-to outfits when you’re running low on time.

The Pop of Color
Cubicle Chic: Add a pop of color to your neutrals

Outfit One: Blouse / Skirt / Shoes / Earrings
Outfit Two: Blouse / Skirt / Shoes / Earrings

Think of your look as an equation. Top + Bottom + Accessories = Outfit. On hurried mornings, keep two of these pieces neutral and one colorful. For example, wear a neutral shoe and bottom with colored top or neutral shoes and a top with a colored bottom. Keep simple pieces like shirts and pencil skirts in neutral and non-neutral colors for an easy mix and match on these mornings.

All Black
Cubicle Chic: Outfit Ideas When You're Running Late

Top / Bottom / Earrings / Bag / Shoes

If that’s still too much, grab a page from the New York working woman handbook: the all black everything outfit. And it’s no wonder the women {and men} of the Big Apple routinely dress in head to toe black. It’s so easy and chic! Grab a shirt and pair of pants or a skirt and you’re good to go. It’s high level chic with low level effort. Just make sure to keep your blacks well laundered so they don’t fade and a few gold accents like a studded earring rounds out the look.

The Shift Dress
Cubicle Chic: 3 Outfits for When You're Running Late

Dress / Studs / Necklace / Heels

When all else fails, what’s easier than a one piece outfit? I can go on and on about how amazing and useful shift dresses are, but I’d rather you use the time to go out and buy one! From interviews to business meetings to happy hours, this one piece can take you there. Find a great style and cut from your favorite brand, buy it in a few colors and spend a few dollars to get it tailored for a perfect fit. So even on those days when you’re running late, you look completely pulled together, especially with classics like black pumps and pearls.

What are your favorite go-to outfits? What do you find yourself reaching for on mornings when time is limited? 

About the author: Antoinette Childs is a Baltimore native and recent Howard University grad with a lifelong love of art and fashion. She enjoys thrifting, professional football, Japanese cuisine and old Hollywood glamour. You can check out her blog at, follow her on TwitterPinterest and Instagram. Also, like Mademoiselle Antoinette on Facebook.

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