How Donating a Fourth of My Wardrobe Was Beneficial to My Style

Posted On Monday, October 26th, 2015
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This past weekend I did something I never thought I’d do: I donated a fourth of my wardrobe. I’m not exaggerating. From Friday night to Sunday night {with a break to watch The Walking Dead!}, I cleaned out every rack, drawer and bin.

I donated 20 bags of clothes, accessories, shoes, beauty products, books and more {I documented all of the action on Snapchat @PatriceJWill}. It wasn’t just great to give back to the thrift stores, but from a selfish standpoint, it was the best thing for my closet. And below are four ways a closet revamp can benefit your style as well.

I’ve previously blogged about the benefits of cleaning out your closet {5 Tips to Effortlessly Clean Out Your Closet and The Laundry Hack that Makes Cleaning Out Your Closet Easy} and I practice what I preach! I had been thinking about how much “stuff” I have and how it’s just taking up space. Though most of what I donated was clothes and shoes, there were also books, jewelry, office supplies and more!

I won’t lie to you, doing a mega closet cleanse like this was time consuming, but so worth it…and here’s why.


**The back seat and trunk was full! I officially had 10 bags, but they were huge so the thrift shop counted them as 20 regular bags**

Shop Your Closet Easier
With more space in my closet, I can actually see what’s in it. I’m sure you’ve experienced this at clothing stores. When the racks are so full, it becomes impossible to pull hangers out and find what you’re looking for. It’s the same way when your own closet is overflowing. So now, I have a clear view of my clothes, which makes it easier to get dressed in the morning.

See What Your Style Needs Are
After I was left with my cleaned out closet, I noticed there are certain clothes I have enough/too much of {sequins and tank tops!} and things I don’t have enough of. While blazers and cardigans are staples in any wardrobe, I’m kinda lacking in this area. This helps give me some direction when I’m shopping. I know exactly what I need to shop for.

Rediscover Your Loves
While I had some outdated clothes that were clearly going in the donation pile, I also came across a few garments I forgot I owned! They were buried in the back of my closet and ignored for so long. When deciding whether to keep or trash something, think about how it makes you feel. If you wear it and feel like a million bucks and it compliments your body, she’s a keeper. I rediscovered a few of those gems and I’m so glad I did. They’ll finally start getting the shine they deserve, since they’re no longer hidden behind the rest of my random stuff.


**This closet from Apartment Therapy was my inspiration because it’s chic, clean and functional.**

Think Twice Before Buying in the Future
Moving forward, I’m going to think super hard about buying a new item and if it’s actually worth the purchase. After spending the entire weekend cleaning my closet, the last thing I want to do is fill it back up with stuff I don’t want, need or wear! No, instead every purchase has to be purposeful and contribute to elevating my style. When you shop this way, not only are you saving cash {no more buying just to buy!}, but you also develop a stronger personal style.

Though it was time consuming and hard to let go of so many things, the payoff was great. It felt good to donate items other people may want, or more importantly, need. Also, having a cleaner space just feels more relaxing! I may even do a closet purge part two before the year is over.

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Even if you just have a few hours to commit to closet cleaning or break the process up over a few weeks, trust me, it’s so worth it.

Have you ever done a major purge on your closet? What items did you have a hard time letting go? 

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2 thoughts on “How Donating a Fourth of My Wardrobe Was Beneficial to My Style

  1. I do my purging little by little. I’ll keep a bag in the bottom of my closet and when I discover something that I don’t like it for whatever reason (doesn’t look good, not my style anymore, have similar items I like better), I’ll put it in the bag and when the bag fills, I’ll take it to the thrift shop. When my drawers start to get stuffed, I’ll pull everything out – I’ll often find several things I don’t like anymore and a few great things I forgot I had. It does feel good to watch the bags leave the house and it does make me more selective about what I buy at the thrift store – no matter how cheap something is, it isn’t a bargain unless I will be happy wearing it.

    • Great tip, Emmy. Maybe I should add a bag or basket in my closet so I can gradually fill it up with anything I no longer want or need. That would make the purge process so much easier. And you’re right, a bargain is never a bargain if you don’t love and/or actually wear the item!

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