5 Tips to Effortlessly Clean Out Your Closet this Season

Posted On Monday, June 22nd, 2015
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Yesterday marked the official start of summer and there’s no better time to clean out that closet of yours. While some people clean their closet every season, doing a revamp at the mid-way mark of the year is pretty important.
Freeing up your closet really helps you determine what you already have and ensure you wear the pieces you even forgot about. And more importantly, you finally ditch the garments and accessories that no longer serve their purpose.
Here are 5 easy ways to clean out your closet for summer.

Before I start sharing the tips, I’d suggest making this as fun as possible. The idea of going through all of your clothes {yes, you have to go through everything!} and trying stuff on can sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Invite a friend over, turn up the music and have fun!
Remove Everything from Your Closet
As mentioned above, you really need to take everything out. And I do mean, everything! Place them in a pile on your couch, your bed, wherever you have space. The idea is for you to start with an empty closet and only place things back in when they’ve earned their spot. Remember, they have to earn their way back and this is where you make honest decisions.
Does It Need Alterations?
I have to admit I had a horrible habit of buying clothes at the thrift shop and swearing that I’d take them to a tailor for alterations. That never happened. So I’d have a big bag of to-be-altered-clothes in my closet that just sat there. If that’s you, get rid of those clothes that have been taking up space. If you haven’t altered them by now, you probably won’t. Ok, ok maybe there are a few pieces you forgot about and realllly meant to alter. If that’s the case, then limit your altered pile to a handful of pieces. Instead of placing the clothes back in your closet, place them in a really visible area {like in a bag by your front door} so you’ll be reminded to get them to the tailor asap.
Can’t Fit? Then Ditch!
Dress for the body you have, not the body you want. You’ve probably heard that before and it’s so true. Whatever your size is right now {not what it was six months ago or where you want to be in six months!}, dress for that body and the clothes in your closet should reflect that. If they don’t fit you right now, then they gotta go. Of course there are some exceptions to this, like if you’re a new mom losing baby weight and getting back into your old clothes, but for the most part, get rid of those garments that don’t work for you.
Is It Still Your Style?
Have you ever looked at clothes you once wore and ask yourself, “what was I thinking?” That’s only natural because over time our style evolves just like we do. It might be a trendy piece that’s no longer fashionable or a garment that just doesn’t speak to you. Don’t feel like you have to hold on to them just because you loved them once upon a time. Let it gooooo!
How Does It Make You Feel?
Clothes should have a feeling. Clothes should put an extra pep in your step and a smile on your face. Even the simplest garment should serve a cheerful purpose {a super soft t-shirt, jeans that fit like perfection and highlight your favorite body part, etc.}. This is why it’s so important to try your clothes on before they earn their spot back in your closet.
Whatever doesn’t make its way back into your closet should be placed in a few piles:
***Trash: torn, stained and tattered clothing that’s not fit to wear
***Donate: any items you want to take to your local secondhand store
***Swap/Sell: for higher end pieces that might have some value, you can sell them online with eBay or Poshmark or even organize a swap party with friends {see my tips on Tips to Host a Clothing Swap Party}
This edited version of your closet will give you a clearer picture of the basics you need and everything you have more than enough of. Also, you should have an easier time getting dressed in the A.M. Though your load is lighter, it consists of everything you love and need.
Also, don’t forget your shoes, purses and jewelry. The same tips above apply to them.
Have you cleaned out your closet this season? How do you know it’s time to let your clothes or accessories go? 
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6 thoughts on “5 Tips to Effortlessly Clean Out Your Closet this Season

  1. Its about that time for me and my closet. Taking everthing out seems so scary but I’m sure there are things in my closet I do not wear often if at all that need to be removed. Its time that my closet reflect my current personal style and this is a perfect way to start.

    • I know you’ll love your closet and clothes so much more when you’ve cleaned it out. And you’re right, clearing everything out can feel soooo daunting, but it really works. Maybe do it in phases/stages over a long weekend so you don’t have to do everything in a single day.

  2. I have hella clothes that are no longer my style. Idk WHY it’s so hard for me to donate them or sell them. I always feel like maybe I can repurpose it? But then I never do. Definitely intend to use some of these tips veeeeery soon.

    • I’ve totally been there. Sometimes that emotional attachment to clothes makes it sooooo hard to let go. But I’m also a bit of a hoarder, so that’s my problem. lol

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