Cheap {yummy} Dessert – Apple Peach Cobbler

Posted On Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
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At last week’s AOL Blogger’s Night Out, I learned about (chef Marcus Samuelsson whipped up a few meals with recipes from the website). Of course the foodie in me was excited to learn about a new online destination offering tons of recipes and how to videos.

My mouth started to water when I came across a recipe for Mixed Berry Cobbler. I had never made cobbler before but the recipe seemed pretty simple and I had all of the necessary ingredients…except the berries. So, I just swapped out berries for apples and peaches, which were sitting in my fridge.

Click more to see the scrumptious end result…

{sprinkle apples and peaches with sugar and cinnamon. add to a greased pan}

{layer the crumble [brown sugar, oats, flour and butter] over the fruit. bake for 15 or 20 minutes, or until you see the fruit start to bubble}

{end result. i baked the cobbler a little too long. i was waiting for the crust to get a golden brown…I let it get a little too golden}

{eat while hot and enjoy with ice cream and whipped cream}

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