The Fashion Hack to Instantly Hem Your Dress

Posted On Thursday, February 25th, 2016
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Fashion Hack to Hem Your Dress in Seconds

I admit it, I’m lazy. Well, when it comes to having clothes tailored, I’m lazy. I have the best intentions of getting something tailored and I just never end up doing it. Am I the only one??

That’s why I found a way to instantly hem a dress by a few inches without making a visit to the tailor. Check out the short video below to see how you can do the same! This is perfect if you’re in a pinch or like me, and rarely use a tailor.

5 Fashion Week Trends You Can Find at Your Local Thrift Shop

Posted On Monday, February 22nd, 2016
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Another New York Fashion Week has come and go and per usual, every trend seen on the runway can be achieved with thrift store finds. We all know fashion is cyclical, so what’s “new” has been done before. While high end looks can seem a bit unattainable, the ones I’m about to show you are actually quite wearable for everyday, real world situations.
Check below to see what fall 2016 runway trends you can score right now and from your local thrift shop!

Thrifty Threads: How to Find Your Fashion Uniform & Why You Need One {or Two!}

Posted On Thursday, January 28th, 2016
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How to Develop a Fashion Uniform & Why It Makes Getting Dressed So Much Easier

It’s always great to step out of your style comfort zone and try something new, but when you know what you like and what works for your body, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to what works.

That’s where the fashion uniform comes in. What’s a fashion uniform? Keep reading below to see what it is and how it can make getting dressed in the A.M. so much easier.

How Creating a Thrift Wish List Can Save You Time and Money

Posted On Thursday, January 21st, 2016
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How Creating a Thrift Wish List Can Save You Time & Money

Strategy. That’s what it’s all about when it comes to thrift shopping. Yes, you want to go to a great store and sure, you need to develop a good eye for spotting deals, but it all comes back to strategy. That’s where the thrift wish list comes in.

If you always find yourself striking out at the thrift store or need a bit more direction, keep reading to see how creating a thrift wish list can help you. It can make a huge difference!

Thrifty Threads: Cable Knits and Over the Knee Boots

Posted On Thursday, January 14th, 2016
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Thrifty Threads: how to wear over the knee boots + thrift store style

It’s finally starting to feel like winter. Or at least for now it is. But before we reached 30 degree temps, I ditched my pants. Yes, I rocked my grandmother’s vintage knit sweater, a pair of fishnet tights and some over the knee boots. The look sounds a bit risqué {and maybe it is!} but it worked.

And for short girls who feel they can’t wear over the knee boots, think again! Read on to see how I pulled the look together and how you can wear OTK boots as well.