Cash In On Your Closet with Threadflip

Posted On Monday, August 26th, 2013
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I first learned about Threadflip last year when I wrote a piece for The New York Times on them as well as other online consignment sites.
Threadflip has a premium White Glove Service where the company professionally photographs your clothes and accessories before listing them on the site to be sold. But their peer-to-peer service is where it’s at if you want to unload your fly threads you no longer wear or score some new-to-you pieces at highly discounted prices.
And now, the site has been revamped so the process is even easier.
The site has always been full of secondhand items that range from designer garments to super affordable brands. But instead of missing out on some of the items because there’s so much to wade through, the new profiles help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.
The revamped Threadflip, which launched earlier this month, allows you to fill out a personalized profile {specifically listing the brands you love} which gives the site a snapshot of your individual style. Then, they suggest sellers for you to follow. It’s always daunting joining a new site, not knowing where to start and being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothes and accessories. But these new personalizations help to quiet the noise a bit and hone in on what you’ll love.
When you “love” an item {the equivalent of “liking” a pic on Instagram}, you’ll receive a notification if that piece goes on sale!
Fall will be here in a few weeks, so this is the prime time to do a little closet upgrade in an affordable way. Maybe you need a few layering pieces {cardigans, scarves, etc.} or accessories {pointy toe pumps,  ankle booties} to make your outfits pop.
And of course you can upload your own pieces to sell and make some extra cash. And be sure to follow my closet as I’ll be adding items soon.
Have you ever bought or sold clothes on Threadflip? What fall clothes and accessories do you need to add to your wardrobe?
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3 thoughts on “Cash In On Your Closet with Threadflip

  1. threadflip is a great site. more of a community than ebay and they have a strict no fakes policy. highly recommend it for sellers.

  2. As a seller, wouldn’t recommend the site. Not secure enough for sellers or possibly buyers. They should also tell you if they take a huge chunk out of your sale — it’s only honest to let the seller know so they aren’t fooled.

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