Budget Recipe: Sweet Potato Beignets

Posted On Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
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I’m a sucker for anything that’s fried and/or sprinkled with powdered sugar. Seriously, eating funnel cake is my favorite part of attending amusement parks or carnivals. So when I came across a recipe for sweet potato beignets, I was intrigued. Beignets are a New Orleans staple and the sweet potato twist seemed fun. I deviated from the original recipe by omitting the ricotta cheese and using milk. You may need to add more flour to give the mixture a doughier consistency so they can be formed in to balls.

{the ingredients were simple {you most likely have them in your pantry} and affordable}

Click more to see how I created these bite size treats.

Combine all ingredients {except powdered sugar and oil}. Form in to a ball and refrigerate until ready to cook.

{fry beignets, turning to ensure all sides cook. the dough cooks fast so keep an eye on them and remove once golden brown}

{remove and drain excess oil on paper towels}

{sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve warm}

{for a true New Orleans feel, serve in a brown paper bag}

I can’t tell you how awesome these sweet potato beignets were. The dough had a crispy exterior and was soft on the inside. Yum-o! This is a great treat for your guests as an after dinner bite.

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7 thoughts on “Budget Recipe: Sweet Potato Beignets

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  2. Say what?! These look sooo good! I love sweet potatoes and could eat them everyday. I MUST try this recipe. Thanks for sharing

    • No problem! I also love sweet potatoes (mashed or baked with a little butter). I’m going to New Orleans this summer so hopefully I’ll have some authentic beignets.

  3. Oh, Wow, those look so good and my husband is a doughnut fiend. He will love these and at least the sweet potatoes provide nutrition not generally found in doughnuts. Thanks for the recipe!

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