Budget Beauty: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Posted On Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
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I’m a sucker for an awesome mani and bold polish but I refuse to pay upwards of $50 for treatments like Minx or CND Shellac.

Last year I tried Sephora’s DIY version of Minx, Chic Prints, and I loved them but they only lasted a few days. So I was super excited when I came across the Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I heard of them but could never find them in stores until I finally snagged one of the last boxes at Duane Reade for $10.

The strips come in more than 20 designs {sparkles, leopard, denim, etc.} and are adhesives that fit over your nails. So say goodbye to drying time. Unlike similar products that require you to peel the sticker off of your nails, the Salon Effects come off with nail polish remover because it’s actual polish! The kit contains 18 strips, cuticle stick, emery board and instructions.

I tried “Booty Camp,” a pink camouflage print.

I found the strips fit my nails pretty easily.  If a strip is too narrow, you can slightly stretch it to fit your nail bed. Firmy press down on the strips to ensure it’s adhered to your nail. File off excess strip with the emery board.

Result: I absolutely love the Salon Effects. It’s a quick, easy way to give yourself a Minx-like look without the price or sitting in the nail salon.

Don’t get frustrated if the first one or two nails aren’t perfect. I experienced slight ripples and had issues with making sure the edges didn’t fray. Just take your time and by the third or fourth nail you’ll get the hang of it.

Tips for best results:

-Make sure your nails are super clean and free of any polish, creams or lotion. Otherwise, the strips won’t properly adhere.
-Press firmly on the strips. You don’t want the strips to lift from your nails so make sure it’s secure, especially around the edges.
-Be gentle when filing to remove the excess strip. They’re pretty pliable so you don’t need to use too much force. Use a straight across motion so you don’t get jagged edges.

I’ll definitely be trying a few other patters. I really like Kitty, Kitty {a leopard print} and Frock Star, which is a cheap chic alternative to Deborah Lippmann’s glittery Happy Birthday.

Have you guys tried Salon Effects? What were your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Budget Beauty: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

    • No you don’t file them off. They come off with regular nail polish remover, it just requires a bit more effort than removing regular polish.

  1. I have tried them. They’re amazing but you did not do them justice in your application so I fear this post may give them a bad rep. They’re super easy to apply and if you take your time and follow the directions you can get a really nice application on your first try.

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