Behind the Scenes – My Nate Berkus Show Appearance

Posted On Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
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A few weeks ago I let you guys in on my big news, I’ll be appearing on The Nate Berkus Show. Well, now I have an air date for the show: Thursday, September 15. So of course I hope you’ll tune in, tell a friend, tell your mama and set your DVR.

I can’t tell you how exciting and humbling it was to be a part of the show. Nate was as sweet {and cute!} as he appears on television and the team of producers and assistants were absolutely amazing to work with. Like seriously, I  didn’t encounter a single person who wasn’t a pleasure.

While you’re waiting for the show to air, check out behind the scenes pics snapped by my homie Danielle {aka The Style & Beauty Doctor}. She was on hand as my moral support, photographer, lipstick applier and all around calming spirit who kept me from freaking out at my first television appearance.

I don’t want to give it away and tell you what I’m doing on the show but of course it involves thrift shopping. It took me about two weeks to prepare for the segment and my nerves finally set in when I reached the studio. But that quickly went out the window as there was more work to be done.

Late minute prep before heading to a quick rehearsal.

My handy note card, which I now have in my keepsake box 🙂

Makeup time!

Of course I don’t want to show you my full outfit, you’ll have to wait for the big reveal on the show. But you’ve actually already seen the dress before, it’s a previous Thrifty Threads post.

So once again, thanks again for all your support guys. The show airs Thursday, September 15. Check your local listings to see what time it airs in your area.

Quick Testimony: When I first started Looking Fly on a Dime {formerly known as Living Fly on a Dime}, I had no idea where I wanted to go with it. The idea to blog came out of a Gchat conversation I had with my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. I just knew I wanted/needed a daily outlet after being laid off from my job at a fashion magazine. However, two years later, I’m proud of what I’ve created and the lives I’ve been able to touch through my love of thrifting. Earlier this year when I went through the drama of having to change my blog’s name due to trademark issues, I was ready to give this whole blog thing up. The stress left me emotionally drained but I’m so glad I didn’t let a major hurdle stop me. Whether I’m appearing on television or receiving an email from a reader who now embraces thrift shopping because of me, it’s all worth the hard work. Whatever it is that you’re struggling against, keep moving forward and water your dreams!

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45 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – My Nate Berkus Show Appearance

  1. Love the fresh look in the last pic.  I really hope I get to see the show LOL.  Then I can say to my hubby I know her – that’s Patrice my blogging buddy.  But in all seriousness, I think this is so awesome.  I can imagine how it feels when you feel like you’re hard work is paying off.  Congrats again 🙂 

  2. awesome! you are ba-ba-ba-blowing up!!!
    sshhhh…(come close to the screen) don’t have that hideous b/w checked plaid jacket on the show! lol

  3. I am SO proud of you! You are one of my fave bloggers and you definitely deserve this! You’ve helped me uncover the world of thrifting! Im moving into a new aptment in Brooklyn and plan to furnish everything for under $200! So far I’m having great luck finding the perfect furniture in thrift stores!

    • thanks so much! That’s great that you’re furnishing your place with thrifted finds. I need to start thrifting more home decor items, I’m actually looking for a great desk! 

  4. Watching Nate right now and really enjoyed your segment and now I will follow your blog.  My office is 2 blocks from the local GW and I spend many a lunch break there. It’s a great thing………..
    Thanks and Hugs N Herbal Blessings,

    • Thanks Amanda! I actually used to work a few blocks from the Salvation Army. I would go there on my lunch breaks on Wednesday when most items were 50 percent off 🙂

  5. I am adding you to my list of “Have to visit every day!”.  Thanks for all the tips and your hard work to help us get great things for less!  Can’t wait to share you with my all my friends and family! 

    • Thanks Wendy. That’s a list I’m proud to be on. Yes, please do share my blog and love of thrifting with your friends and family 🙂

  6. Love your style, just had to “Like” you on FB!  I am into thrifty shopping as well- great tips on Nate Show regarding the best times of the year to go on a thrifty fashion hunt.  My fave of the moment in Chi-town is the 1/2 price Monday’s offered by one thrift store chain.  I am 6 feet tall and my question is if I find what I think is a great piece for a couple bucks but it costs 20 to have it altered is it still a bargain?  Peace

    • Thanks for the comment. Hmm, that’s kind of a toss up. I once purchased a dress for $1 and spent $50 altering it. I’d say if it’s still cheaper (the thrift store price + alterations) than what you’d pay for in stores and it’s a unique piece, I would say $20 isn’t too bad for alterations. 

    • Thanks! Yes, I recently did a post on thrift shopping for plus sizes. There are options out there for all sizes, whether you’re a 2 or 20! 

  7. I saw you on the Nate Berkus Show today while doing my laundry at the laundromat! I loves your finds and your hair 🙂 Every week I stop by this Goodwill in New Jersey but was always hesitant to buy clothes just because shopping in general is frustrating for me.  Seeing you on the show today gave me a new lease on thrifting and I will muster up the patience needed to find great things as well as wait for my natural hair to grow lol.  You were fantastic today and I’m loving what I see so far on your blog. I usually dont leave comments but you impressed me today.  Keep up the good work! I am a grad student at NYU (once again) patiently waiting to finish my Master’s degree in December and get back into the workforce.  I already planned to update my wardrobe once I have a paycheck again, but now I’ll be heading straight to thrift stores instead of the mall. Thanks a lot!  

    • Wow, thanks! I know thrift shopping can be intimidating to some people so I’m happy that I could inspire some folks to thrift shop. There really are great finds out there…and they’re super affordable. 
      And thrifting is a great way to update your wardrobe. With just a few bucks you can add fresh, unique pieces to your closet. 
      Good luck with your Master’s! And feel free to drop me a line if you’re running in to any thrift shopping issues. 

  8. Loved you on the show and appreciate and love your blog.  I have always loved a bargain!  You inspire me to never give up on that!  thanks!   It is my goal to someday go to the Nate Show…you are right, he is so cute!

    • Thanks so much. Months ago I told someone I wanted to be on the Nate show and it finally came to fruition. I know the same can/will happen for you 🙂 
      And yes, Nate is super cute and such a sweet person. 

  9. Hi! I’m late to the party but I just watched the Nate Berkus show you were on. What an amazing eye you have! Shopping for clothing for myself is frustrating but I love a good deal and a challenge so I am going to give it a go at my local thrift stores. Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂 Tessa

    • Thanks Tessa. So glad I could inspire you. I’m happy you’re up for the challenge. I know you’re bound to find some cool stuff at your local thrift store. 

  10. Hello Patrice, this is Kathy C, your uncle Tony’s wife…We watched the Nate Burkes show and saw you there looking fly and beautiful.  Your uncle was so proud of you, you look so beautiful. I must say, I never shopped at a thrift store before, but myself, your uncle, your cousins Portia and Khalia went shopping this weekend and what we found was amazing.
    Thank you for introducing us to this new way of shopping and saving money while looking fly on a dime…keep in touch.

    • OMG, hey Kathy!!! Thanks so much for watching, glad you guys loved the show. Portia told me you guys founds some great stuff. I’m happy you’re now in to thrift shopping, it’s a great way to look good and save money 🙂

  11. I just saw u today, from Chicago.. and I wanted to congratulate you on your site and your success…. I’ve an avid Thrift shopper for years,and I use to own a consignment shop…Good Luck and hope to see more of you on Nate Berkus show.

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