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Posted On Thursday, November 11th, 2010
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I love discovering new {to me} websites, especially if they save me cash. So I was excited to learn about If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit. It’s an online community where you can “sell, swap, or shop for shoes.” Got a pair of shoes you’ve never worn and want to get rid of them all while making some cash? Want to swap your Pradas for Manolos? If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit allows you to do all of the above.

Basically, it’s the eBay of shoes! If you’re interested in a pair of shoes, you bid {no fee or membership required}. If you want to sell a pair of new or gently used shoes, take photos and list them {$1 per listing, no additional photo or closing fees}. And it’s absolutely F-R-E-E- to list shoes you want to swap.

All types of shoes are listed with everything from flip flops to sneakers to stilettos and you can search by size, designer, heel height and color.

The site’s still new so there aren’t a slew of options but I did see a cute pair of studded Prada slingbacks.

Has anyone ever tried If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit? What was your experience like?

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