Hey there! I’m Patrice and some people call me the thrift shopping queen {Nate Berkus said I’m a “sorceress” at recreating designer styles on a thrift store budget} and others call me a savvy shopper. I just call myself a woman who refuses to pay retail for anything, ever!
As a NYC-based writer who’s worked at top fashion magazines for 10 years, I created Looking Fly on a Dime® for the woman who looks to mags and celebs for inspiration but has a real life budget and more importantly, the desire to craft her individual sense of style.

From thrift shopping strategies to styling advice and ways to navigate any store like a pro, I believe fashion should be affordable and accessible for women of all shapes and lifestyles. And because I’m a naturally thrifty person, I love sharing my tips and tricks with women who share my philosophy that “your style is never determined by your wallet.”I even started a Thrifty Threads 365 challenge where I only bought thrifted clothes for a year. Yup! I loved showing people firsthand that even with just a few bucks, you can score quality {and even designer!} pieces. It’s all about having a strategy and some styling tips that make every item look luxe.

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And check me out on  Instagram for daily tips and  #WhatsInStoreWednesday where I give you the real deal on your favorite brands’ clothes and accessories.

You may have seen some of my on-air style segments for the Today Show, Nate Berkus Show, WE tv or WPIX, where I was the station’s savvy shopper reporter. Check out my reel below for past appearances {including how I converted a maxi skirt into a wrap dress for the Today Show!}.

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    • I’ve posted a few tips on the blog. Just search for “thrift shopping 101” or “faq” and I address how to find a good thrift store in your area (it’s really just a matter of taking time to find one, kinda trial and error) and I tell you my favorite shops in NYC. 

  1. Loved your appearance on Nate today!  You showed how “thrifting” can be chic and sassy.  Hope we get to see you again on Nate very soon.

  2. I’ve been “thrifting” for years and even in department stores never pay full price. Now at 70 and on Social Security I’m thankful for the friend who introduced me to this way of shopping.

  3. it looks like all the great thrift stores are in NY.  I live in Corona, CA about an hour from L.A. and even further from Hollywood.  How can I find a good thrift store around my area or w/in a 5-10 mile radius? Any tips? Thanks!

    • I’ve done several posts on how to find thrift stores in any area. Just use the search function on the blog, especially for “FAQ” and you’ll find tons of info! 

  4. I’m so excited you are on Nate again…I saw you before, but didn’t catch your name and couldn’t find you.  I love thrifting, especially when my friends compliment something I have on and I give them my proud smile that let’s them know where I got it!!!!

  5. I was watching you today on the Nate Berkus show. Where did you purchase that cute brown dress with the ruffles? Great to find your site.

  6. Hi Patrice

    I was at the gym when I saw you on The Nate Berkus show. I did not get the entire thrift website’s they were mentioned.

  7. Loved you on Nate today.  My mom loves thrifting and I used to like it too.  Your segment today reminded me that I could go thrift store shopping and still revamp my wardrobe. (I need some more clothes) Thank-you. I’m going thrifting next week because it can fit in my budget and I will get cool stuff.  I’m in LA so thrift stores here I come! Calling my mom now. lol Thanks. You looked very cute and you did well in the camera.  I was wrong on both outfits by the way. LOL

  8. Hi, finally found you, your site. Im going to start following you on Twitter too. I loved you on Nate. I said I gotta seek her out. I connect with you on so many levels, that is, thrifting, of course. Love your style/ Keep up with the good work and great tips. I’m sure many more opportunities will come your way

  9. I love your blog especially the fact that you come off as humble and down to earth, not flashy or extravagant, and importantly, neither “bank breaking.” Your fashion is sensible and stylish.

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  12. Please tell me where Patrice found the awesome romper she wore today on the TODAY show? She looks adorable in it.

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