A Look Inside My Thrifted Closet

Posted On Wednesday, July 20th, 2011
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A reader recently emailed me and wrote, “Patrice, what percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted? I’d love to see your closet!”

I’ve been an avid thrifter for a few years and since I started my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge, thrift shopping is my only source of clothing. At this point, I’d say 60 percent of my wardrobe is courtesy of thrifting {here are a few of my favorite thrift stores}. And 60 percent is a conservative estimate. There are some items, like tops and dresses, that I thrift more than others.

I recently moved from my cramped Harlem studio and my new closet is a small walk in, which makes organization a bit easier.

Check out the pics below of how I organize my closet as well as how I store accessories using push pins and shower hooks.

Dresses, skirts and jumpsuits are on the right. You may recognize the ruffled Salvation Army dress I wore to see a taping of Oprah and the $5 vintage dress I recently wore.


Shirts, vests, blazers and jackets. There’s a small shelf above for jeans.

Instead of a traditional dresser, I store tanks, short sleeve shirts and sweaters in an old, wooden display case with glass panels. I think I’m going to stain the cabinet a hot pink color.

A few of my favorite things on top: hats, old school camera and my floral Nina’s shoes.

Right outside the closet…The tables were $10 each at Ikea and I’ve had them since I was in college! I definitely got my money’s worth, huh?

Necklaces hang on oversized push pins I purchased from the dollar store. 20 or so for a buck.

Bangles on an old shower hook, which I then hang on a push pin.

Cocktail rings are looped around beaded garland, also from the dollar store.

I keep my pendants {like the $6 Miu Miu brooch I found during Thrift Wars with Sammy D} in a wooden bowl from Goodwill.

More purses hanging on a wall hook from Bed Bath & Beyond.

This plastic tier stand was purchased my sophomore year at Temple U. when I didn’t have money for a real bookcase. Now it holds small purses and perfume. My mom purchased the lava lamp for me while I was in high school. And the mirror…another dollar store find.

My clothes are cheap and my ways of storing them are equally cheap. And I love it!


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18 thoughts on “A Look Inside My Thrifted Closet

  1. You are so organized! My closet has to be organized otherwise I can’t find a thing.  I just need to work on finding something for shoe storage.  I do have shoe bins from Ikea, but you can’t see what’s in them.  I switch them out seasonally. 

    • Thanks Toya. I also need a good shoe storage solution. I was thinking of the clear boxes at the Container Store but I kinda like seeing all of my shoes laid out in a row 🙂

  2. This is awesome!  I can’t even show my closet in public! lol!!!  I have 2 closets and clothes and shoes are literally spilling out of both!!!  You have some great storage ideas that I will be putting to work this weekend!  Thanks for sharing love!

    • haha, thanks Vee. I’m dying to see your closet. I know you have all the awesome thrift store finds. I’ll help you get organized! 

  3. WOW! You really have some great finds. Love your organization system. I told an old frame (xtra large of course) covered it with screen and use it for hanging my larger bold earrings…it saves so much time when searching….sometimes! Oh and the wooden bowls that house your pins…got the same ones from Goodwill a few years ago. Too funny! Thanks for sharing love your site! 

    • Thanks! Check out the 7th photo (the wide shot of the accessories area). On the left I have velvet jewelry trays and I hang my earrings from there. I didn’t take any close up shots because the lighting in that corner was off. 

  4. LOVEEE especially how you organize your accessories. I have mine in small zip lock bags(necklaces that can easily tangle) inside of a big Victoria Secret box…its since overflowed to the box and VS bag 🙁 I need a new set up…going to take a trip to Ikea this week…any more ideas?

    • Thanks. It really depends on the space you have. If you’ve got space on a shelf or dresser, you can try storage boxes or a standing accessories tree to organize them. Or hang them on the wall using racks or whatever you may find at places like Ikea, the Container store or Bed Bath & Beyond.

  5. Is it possible for you to ever have a contest that you take one lucky person to all your fave places and help them find great stuff and even give them style tips.. of course the person would have to provide there own cash for it all but having you there would be priceless… hint hint.. i am desperate for some new clothes and a sense of style bc I don’t have one and it makes me depressed every day that I look in my closet and don’t see much there and I loss my confidence and never want to go out anymore… I would love your help..


    Rita S.

  6. Love your organizational ideas! I too am an avid thrifter, but I always have trouble figuring out how to organize all my awesome accessory finds! I often forget about things I’ve purchased b/c I didn’t have them out on display! Thx for the tips!
    Btw…I am a philly girl now residing in WV….I could tell u had a lil Philly in ya…lol! Temple U girl! Lol!

  7. Oh my…I loved all of that! I love the idea of using the push pins for necklaces. Thanks for the peek inside your closet.

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