7 Unique, Last Minute Holiday Gifts at the Thrift Store

Posted On Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
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The holidays are just days away and if you don’t have your presents for everyone on your list, no worries. All you have to do is hit up your local thrift store for last minute Christmas presents!

You’re guarantee to find unique items at affordable prices. And no, not a single item on the list below involves clothing! 

First, before you buy a holiday gift at the thrift shop, just be sure your recipient wouldn’t be freaked out or offended that a present was secondhand. I have some people in my life who would love a thrifted gift as long as it’s unique and specific to them, but I know others who wouldn’t necessarily feel the same way. So yeah, keep that in mind.

The list below includes a few unique holiday gift ideas and even suggestions on how to wrap and present them.

For the vinyl lover in your lover, thrift shops are a perfect place to score classic records. And you’ll be able to find them for next to nothing. Sure, you’ll have to dig through some crates but it will be well worth it once you find your recipients’ favorite artist.


Similar to the records, thrift shops are a perfect place to find classic and even out of print books. Does someone in your life have a favorite artist or genre? Bundle a bunch of books together and gift them with reads that can enhance their library and provide hours of great reading.

Picture Frames
It’s rare that I’ve come across a thrift store that doesn’t have an array of picture frames. Find a frame with a sturdy base and you’ve got an awesome present! Keep the picture that’s in the frame or replace it with one that your recipient will love. The combination of a gorgeous frame and photo that has some meaning is the perfect holiday gift.


This might sound weird, but hear me out. Pick up a few wicker baskets. This one is all about the presentation of a gift. I like buying people an assortment of small presents compared to one huge ticket item. So one way to wrap the gifts is to place them in a cute wicker basket with any cellophane paper, bows, etc. This is a great alternative to wrapping individual gifts or placing them in a gift bag. If someone on your holiday gift list is a cook, a basket of small appliances, cooking utensils, favorite spices, a cookbook and more would be perfect!

Home Accents
It’s clear that the home section is a great place to find holiday presents at the thrift store. From a lamp to a mirror to a vase to a collection of candles, any home can benefit from these gifts.


Heavy crystal and China is in abundance at many thrift shops so why not turn them in to gifts? If you find a set of China, that’s even better, but don’t be afraid to mix and match as long as they’re similar in color and/or size. I love this as a gift for those who’ve just moved into a new home. If you find cute jars, don’t be afraid to fill them with the person’s favorite tea, coffee, snacks or even print out a recipe they love {or that you plan to cook for them!}.

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While it can be tricky buying clothes for someone, handbags are one size fits all. If a lady in your life has a favorite designer or style of bag and you find it at the thrift store, you just found a perfect Christmas gift. Whether it’s a structured satchel for work or a sparkly clutch for a night out, just take it one step further. Fill the purse with essentials like a leather wallet, phone cover, hand sanitizer, etc. And maybe even add some cash or gift card into the wallet!


These are just a few of the Christmas presents you can find at the thrift store. It’s all about finding those unique items and personalizing them even more.

7 Unique, Last Minute Holiday Gifts at the Thrift Store

Have you ever purchased gifts from the thrift shop? 

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