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Posted On Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
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Two weeks ago I ordered a pair of sneakers from 6pm.com as they were offering 50 or 60% off on all Puma sneakers. *Sorry I didn’t post about it, it was a one day sale I found out about at the last minute.* Mind you, I’m not a fan of sneakers (I only believe in heels and ballet flats), but I’m running the New York City marathon so I needed something to train in. And my pair of hot pink Converse aren’t exactly adequate running shoes.

I found two pairs of sneakers at $26 each.

My running pair. I had to get something with a dainty touch.

My cute, if-for-whatever-reason-I’m-forced-to-wear-sneakers pair:

However, I wasn’t happy with the latter pair. You can’t really tell from the photo, but the right side of the right shoe looked a bit scuffed. There were smudges and the stitching was slightly frayed.

I was pissed to find out the company doesn’t do exchanges. Say wha? They only permit returns on unworn items within 30 days of purchase.

Needless to say, I was not a happy customer. I finally found a pair of cute sneakers and I had to return them without the option of an exchange? I filled out a brief questionnaire on 6pm.com and selected my reason for return was a “defective item” and that I was disappointed the company doesn’t offer exchanges. When asked if I would order from them again, I responded no. Later that night I was preparing to ship the item back and wait for my 26 bucks to be credited to my debit card, when I received an email from zappos.com, which acquired 6pm a few years ago.

The email stated I would be able to keep the “defective” pair of sneakers (and either toss or recycle them) and a new pair would be sent to me. Yay! This gesture quickly got 6pm.com back in to my graces after temporarily being on my poop list. My new shoes should be here tomorrow.

Have you ever shopped with 6pm.com? What was your experience?

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3 thoughts on “6pm.com Review

  1. hi- i know this is a post from loooong ago, but i’m having a similar problem with 6pm they’ve sent me defective sneakers & after i emailed them specifically explaining the defect- they simply sent me a “return request confirmation” email!! i’m upset b/c i shouldn’t have to pay for the return shipping since the defective shoes are their fault over my own. anyhow- my question is: did you contact them via their website or through another email route? did you contact zappos? think i should? i’d appreciate your imput as you’re story had a great outcome! i don’t expect any free addtional sneakers i just want an exchange or a free return shipping.

    thanks so much for your time
    feel free to email me yr response :

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