Cheap Shoes. Do or Don’t?

Posted On Monday, November 23rd, 2009
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Have you guys heard of Urban Original?

I stumbled across their site a few weeks ago and thought they had some cute shoes and the prices were even more appealing (most items are $30 or less).

Though I enjoy most things thrifty, I tend to be a bit leery of cheap footwear. Besides the fact they can look more cheap (and cheesy) than chic, I walk at least two miles a day in NYC so my shoes have to be sturdy.

I’ve never seen their items up close but I think I’m going to give the line a shot and order this pair of boots.

They even have a few designer “inspired” looks for less.



Ever wear a pair of Urban Originals? They also sell clothing and accessories.

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0 thoughts on “Cheap Shoes. Do or Don’t?

  1. Please post your update after you order…I’ve been to urban original…via your site…and I too am leery of cheap footwear. hope to see your update they have a pair of “shearling” booties I have my eye on hahaha. Hoping not to see them in the window of Rainbow, Strawberry or the like…cause THAT is a no-no

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