5 Summer Trends at Your Local Thrift Shop

Posted On Thursday, July 10th, 2014
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Thrifty Threads 365: summer trends at the thrift shop What’s old is always new again. That’s why thrift shops are so amazing for affordable fashion. Cyclical style means what was hot in the 60s, 70s and 80s is suddenly hot again. If you need some new-to-you summer clothes, why invest serious cash when you can just thrift?
Check out 5 summer trends you can find at your local thrift shop.
Maxi Dresses/Skirts
Will there ever be a time when maxis aren’t on trend? The floor grazing garments are perfect for any occasion. I’ve come across several maxi dresses while thrift shopping. They range from hippy, prairie options to slingy 90s dresses. Besides being affordable, you can style them tons of ways {see six ways to wear a maxi dress}, which means even more bang for your buck.
There’s no denying overalls are having a major moment. Maybe you think they’re a yay or nay, but if you’re on the fence about giving them a try, head to the thrift store. You’ll find affordable options that you can really experiment with. During my recent trip to Udelco vintage shop, I found an entire box of denim overalls for about $5 each.
Cut Off Shorts
If you love itty bitty shorts, it wouldn’t be summer without a pair of cut offs. While some stores will easily charge you $50+ for a pair of distressed cut off shorts, you can just make your own! And why not, since jeans are a dime a dozen a thrift shops. Buy a few pairs and get to cutting! If you need some inspiration, here’s a Pinterest board with ideas for DIY cut off shorts. You can rip them, bleach them and dye them in your own way.

Straw Purse or Tote
Summer is a perfect time to put away the heavy leather or quilted bags for a light straw tote or wicker bag. Thrift and vintage shops have these in abundance. One of the first items I ever thrifted as an adult was a straw DKNY bag {above}. I’ve had it for 10+ years and I even took it to the beach this week! Throw your light summer essentials in them for a day on the go.
Tricky trends will always be, well, tricky! But they don’t necessarily have to be. This season, pastels are that designated “how do I wear it” trend. As mentioned above, get into the trend without investing serious money. Keep your eyes open for icy blues, canary yellows and bubble gum pinks at the thrift shop. Since these colors are so bold, you’ll have no problem spotting them on the racks.
These are just a few summer trends you can find at the thrift shop.
What trends are you trying this summer? What’s on your summer thrift wish list? 
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One thought on “5 Summer Trends at Your Local Thrift Shop

  1. great post! i have found a pair of soft pants/palazzo pants from the thrift store. on my next trip, i’m going to get a few pairs of jeans to make cutoffs, too!

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