4 Types of Guests to Invite to Your Clothing Swap Party

Posted On Wednesday, February 4th, 2015
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I love a good clothing swap party. Seriously, it’s the best way to update your style without spending a single penny. I’ve previously shared some swap tips, but I wanted to go one step further and focus on the guests. Specifically who you should invite for the most successful, glamorous swap event. These are the ladies who will bring the goods!

Of course you shouldn’t leave anyone off your list, but the women below are the people who should most definitely receive an invite to your swap party.
Thrift Queen
You know I had to start with the thrift! Thrifters tend to have a more varied wardrobe and these are the people who will bring the vintage goods, unique threads and more. I’m sure the clothes they bring will be some of the first to go.
Accessory Fiend
We all have those girlfriends who always have the best statement necklaces, bangles and rings that leave us asking, “where did you get that?” Well, this woman should certainly be at the top of your invite list. Accessories are one size fits all, so everyone in attendance will have a chance to walk away with some free, fly finds.
Professional Woman
Trendy gear is great, but eventually you need a closet that has a foundation of classic pieces you’ll have for years to come. And if you can get these staples for free, that’s even better!
Curvy Girl, Petite Girl, etc.
In addition to women who have different styles, it’s sooooo important to invite guests of varying sizes. If most of your guests are a size 6 and a 14 walks in {or vice versa}, she’ll immediately feel less than welcome. Not cool! Mix it up so everyone can get involved.
Need more clothing swap tips? Check out my post from last year,
5 Tips to Host a Clothing Swap Party. It’s still relevant and full of tips on decor, set up and even how to donate any clothing that hasn’t been swapped.
Have you ever participated in a clothing swap? What are your tips for a successful swap?
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