4 Easy Steps to Add Style to Your Office Space

Posted On Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
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If you’ve ever worked a regular 9-5 in an office, then you understand how spending all day in a bland cubicle can make you go crazy! And the same can go for any home office space.

Most people like to personalize their space by showcasing family photos, but often times those pictures end up taped to cabinets or propped against the computer monitors, while knick knacks are randomly placed amongst endless piles of papers.

Just because work can be boring doesn’t mean your workspace has to be! Here are some simple and affordable ways to give your cubicle or home office a major upgrade.

  • Add a Wall Covering
    Jo-Ann Fabric is my go-to spot for most interior styling projects. I’m currently obsessed with chevron patterns {see my Chevron Everything Pinterest board here}, so when I saw this gray/white polyester fabric I had to have it! It turned out to be a great backdrop for less than $5…and was easily hung by stapling it to the partition.

diy and chevron, chevron paper diy

  • Frame Photos
    This adds an elegant touch and clears up desk space at the same time. I get frames from Goodwill because they always have a variety and are super cheap. Depending on the back of the frame, they can either be hung on the partition with push pins or regular nails.

affordable picture frame, goodwill picture frame

  • Go Green
    If you aren’t lucky enough to sit by a window, bring the outside in by adding a small plant or silk flowers. Dollar Tree and most other dollar stores have faux flowers that add a nice touch.

chic office space, decorating a home office

  • Accessorize
    Notice the magazine rack the flower vase is sitting on? It’s actually a hanging file rack I disguised by throwing some magazines in front! Don’t be afraid to incorporate office supplies/equipment into your design. Thinking outside of the box is the key to successful design!

how to decorate your cubicle, chic spaces

How do you make your office space less boring and more inspiring? What’s the best, affordable piece you’ve ever bought to personalize your space? 

About the author: Tay Singleton is an Interior Stylist and Life & Style blogger who lives in Nashville, TN. Her love for color, texture and patterns is translated to her designs as well as her personal style. She releases all of her creative energy into her blog, Sassy Meets Classy. You can also follow her on Pinterest

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11 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps to Add Style to Your Office Space

  1. It looks relaxing. However I don’t do much (add a few cute quotes) ’cause I don’t want to be too comfortable. At the end of the day I want to go home.

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