3 Tips to Make Your Thrift Store Clothes Look More Expensive

Posted On Friday, October 11th, 2013
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By now we all know that “cheap” thrift store clothes don’t have to look cheap. Besides secondhand shops having amazing pieces, there are things you can do and garments you can seek out that can make a $2 find look like a million bucks.
You can make minor changes like swapping out the buttons and replacing shoe tips to make clothes look more expensive, but below are some additional ways and specific items to scope out that elevate your look.
Look for Rich Colors and Details
Vibrant red, cobalt blue and intense yellow are just some of the colors that have a luxe look. But there’s nothing worse than a formerly bold hue looking washed out after years of use. So when thrift shopping for these colors, make sure you go for ones that aren’t dull and the intense color is still visible. No one would ever believe my red sequin jacket below was just $1 from Housing Works Buy the Bag. Before purchasing it, I made sure the color wasn’t was still rich and the beading was still in tact.
Don’t Overlook Accessories
One of my thrift shopping strategies is to shop for accessories first. If your coins are limited, accessories {great handbag, statement necklace, etc.} give your wardrobe a serious update. Take the time to look at the jewelry counter or check out the purses. You might be surprised at the bold baubles and rich textured bags you’ll find. It’s totally normal to want more clothes, but don’t forget about the accessories, which are fashion’s perfect finishing touches.
Is it Worth Tailoring?
Even though thrift shopping means you’re usually wearing someone else’s clothes, it doesn’t have to and shouldn’t look like it. It doesn’t matter how “cheap” and/or chic a garment is if it doesn’t compliment your figure. A trip to the tailor gives a custom look that’s perfect for your body. Taking in the waist or hemming a pant leg works wonders. But you also want to factor in if the cost of tailoring is worth it. Having major work done on a basic piece {button down or black trousers} may not be worth the time or money. So think twice before buying and factor in the future costs.
What ways do you make your thrift store purchases look more expensive? Do you seek out particular “rich” looking pieces when thrifting? 
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