Transition Your Style: What to Keep, Buy and Store Away for Spring

Posted On Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
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Transition Your Style: Keep, Toss and Buy for the Season

At long last. Spring has finally sprung! But with spring comes unpredictable weather, leaving millions of working women looking at their winter wardrobe declaring they have nothing to wear. Fear not! A total overhaul of your wardrobe isn’t necessary for the new season. You only need a few key pieces to set the season off in style.

Check out what winter items to let go of, what spring pieces to add and which cold weather garments are still wearable.

Let Go Of…
Transition Your Spring Style: What to Keep vs. Toss

Cable Knit Sweaters: I personally live in thick cable knit sweaters in the winter. It’s one easy piece that’s so soft and cozy. But with spring’s varying temperatures, they can be too warm and can’t be easily removed.

Heavyweight Pants: They’ve kept your legs warm through this harsh winter, but with temperatures consistently in the 50’s and 60’s, it’s time to give them one last dry cleaning and pack them up.

Add These…
Transition Your Spring Style: What to Keep vs. Toss

Fine Knit Cardigan: Lightweight and silky fabrics like cotton, rayon or nylon blends can keep you warm in a cold office and cool on a crowded commuter train. Unlike the cable knit pullover sweater, if you get too warm you can easily remove this outer layer.

Midi Skirt: A midi is the perfect transition piece for spring. It gives the silhouette and ease of a shorter skirt while still being office appropriate with your bare legs. If it’s a cooler day, just throw on some tights for added warmth.

Keep These…
Transition Your Spring Style: What to Keep vs. Toss

Tweed or Wool Blazer: It’s a chic alternative to a light jacket on chilly days. Also, blazers add instant sophistication and look more cohesive to your overall outfit than a jacket. Bonus chic points for leather details!

Cute Tights: Toss on a pair of fun hosiery and your favorite summer dress can make an early appearance. They come in tons of colors and prints and even varying levels of sheerness, so you can always make sure you’re warm but not too warm and toasty.

How are you transitioning into the spring? What winter items are you still wearing? Are there any pieces you plan to buy this season?

About the author: Antoinette Childs is a Baltimore native and recent Howard University grad with a lifelong love of art and fashion. She enjoys thrifting, professional football, Japanese cuisine and old Hollywood glamour. You can check out her blog at, follow her on TwitterPinterest and Instagram. Also, like Mademoiselle Antoinette on Facebook.

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